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Interview for Prog Magazine

December 21, 2013

Last week I did an interview with Rich Wilson from Prog Magazine about my cover for the album Synaesthesia, by band Synaesthesia. I was contacted by Adam Warne of Synaesthesia, about six months ago and we discussed ideas and concepts behind the album.

It reminded me of a BBC documentary I'd seen on the condition Synaesthesia, where peoples senses are confused and disrupted. One man made audio rather than visual maps so his journey to work was more like a concerto than a seen route, but it meant if a building got knocked down or their was a diversion he got thrown off more dramatically than remembering things by sight.

So I wanted to create a 'walk through the woods' with my painting where everything was not as it seemed and in flux, animal, vegetable and mineral were indescernable and there were faces and tentacles where flowers and branches might be. It was my attempt at expressing some of this sensorial confusion.

With the logo, I knew it would be placed somewhere towards the top of the image so I wanted a text that looked branch-like. But also thinking about the letters in the word Synaesthesia there is something very serpentine in the s's as well as the flick of the vowel sounds, so curves and straights had to be incorprated. I often look at the Book of Kells for logo inspiration as I find something very contemporary in the angles and colour blocking in the letter, but it also has much of the thin, long lines I wanted to get in there. 

I had to explain all this in case it gets cut in my interview ha ha! Hopefully this will be out in January and I'll keep you posted!

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