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Interview for TIP (Thinking In Practice) 'Exploring Thinking, Theory and Invention'

March 6, 2014

Yesterday I was interviewed by Harriet Bevan from the website TIP (Thinking In Practice) curated by Balmond Studio.


"We began TiP (Thinking in Practice)in 2012 with the simple idea: to publish the ideas of those individuals who we believe are creating a new agenda.There are countless art, architecture and science publications but TiP specifically investigates the cross-over zone, the realm existing between the Arts and Science.Through interviews, essays, musings and memos, TiP brings together the thinking, theory and invention being explored by some of the world’s leading artists, design practitioners, theoreticians and scientists. TiP publishes their work in a single collective platform. The intent is to synthesize our spectrum of knowledge and promote new ways of thinking about our world."



We discussed scientific illustration and medical illustration and how and why it's important in the way we see the world but equally how it has influenced my personal work as it was my training. We also discussed my work at the Royal College of Surgeons making the MARTYNs (Modelled Anatomical Replica for Training Young Neurosurgeons) and how or why the mechanics of these subjects find their way into my work. This lead to discussing my IDolls project, inspired by research and discussions with Anders Sandberg et al the Future of Humanity Institute Oxford. It looked at the science and technology of human enhancement and how we are pursuing ways of transcending traditional barriers of what it is to be human and what issues this brings to our sense of identity. I made my IDolls and an altar piece to reflect the religious language that surrounds human enhancement technology, but the mechanisms and conflicts in identity were themes I carried through from my medical illustration of pathological specimens for the Royal College of Surgeons.


The article will be out in April and I will be sure to send a link!

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