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Coming Soon...

I will soon be uploading a little video explaining and introducing an animation I'm working on, the working title of which, is 'Grey Friars'.

My animation is based on a dream I had about a monk illuminating bibles circa the 14th century. His colleagues had been killed off by the plague but the bibles still needed illuminating. He worked day and night continuously but had problems at night, as he would get tired and fall asleep. As a remedy to this he began filling the scriptorium, one by one, with the bodies of his fallen companions from the church graveyard outside. As he grew familiar which each corpse, he needed a new set of eyes watching him, making him feel uncomfortable again. As time went on, the corpses slumped and settled in new positions as they decomposed. Our friar also grew more sleep deprived, and in the flickering candle light of the night, the propped up bodies morphed and metamorphosed into strange creatures that found there way into his manuscripts. This state of bordering unreality after hours of work, concentrating and not seeing daylight is something I think many people can empathise with. It can oddly be a help sometimes and spark an idea from the confusion and weariness, as long as you don't go down the rabbit hole like our poor friend the friar!

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